Citrix App Layering missing drivers

Edit 3 May 2018:
A solution/workaround to this issue has been found:

Add Version to the Platform Layer, run RegEdit, and create (or modify) this key, which must be a MULTI_SZ:


“AlwaysOnBoot” is a multi-string value with one path per line. Add these two lines to the value:


Make sure to end these lines with a trailing backslash!

Original post:

This issue occurs on Windows 7 x64 when the Office365 layer option is selected in the image template in conjuction with Elastic Layering and logging in as a user which has an elastic layer assigned, regardless of the contents of the elastic layer.

It can be confirmed by the command “pnputil -e”; In a normal published layered image there should be more than 30 drivers but when this issue happens there will only be about 9 (the same amount as in just the OS layer).

The solution is to disable either or both of these options or migrate to a different operating system.

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