Chinese characters in Thinapp applications’ title bar.

Does your virtualised application look like this when testing it on a clean system?


I’ve found that often when this happens the application will also display strange behaviour; it will just not work correctly.

The solution is to build the application using an older version of Thinapp. In my experience when applications show this behaviour when built with version 4.7.2 or 4.7.3 you can solve it by building it using version 4.7.0.

Local Sandbox

When your environment is configured to store the application’s sandbox on a network location you might also need to change the sandbox to be on the system’s local drive. You can achieve this without overwriting any globally set values for the %thinstall_sanbox_dir% variable by using the following application specific command:

setx AppInventoryName_sandbox_dir c:\temp\AppInventoryNameSandbox

Where in the above example AppInventoryName is the application’s inventory name as found in the package.ini after the InventoryName= setting. the setx command will set the variable globally for the system.

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