VeraCrypt MSI Silent Installer

Edit, 15 September 2019, Johan: new package available for the 1.23 Hotfix 2 version, get it here. When upgrading from version 1.22 make sure to uninstall the old version and reboot before installing to prevent the kernel driver not being able to uninstall. It’s still only available for 64-bits versions of Windows. Original post:I noticed […]

FischerRandom/Chess960 position generator

As a programming project I made a random generator for FischerRandom/Chess960 positions using Unity. Check it out here.

Sequencing Adobe Acrobat Pro with App-V

Built and tested on Windows 8.1 x86 and App-V 4.6 SP3, Adobe Acrobat Pro XI.Please note that this will work for all features of Acrobat except the pdf printer as this involves a printer device which cannot be virtualised. To replace this printer I recommend physically installing Doro PDF; this free application provides options for […]

Chinese characters in Thinapp applications’ title bar.

Does your virtualised application look like this when testing it on a clean system? I’ve found that often when this happens the application will also display strange behaviour; it will just not work correctly. The solution is to build the application using an older version of Thinapp. In my experience when applications show this behaviour […]

Setting modify permissions for users on a folder using icacls

The following is an example of how to set permissions on a folder using icacls, which is included with every Windows distrubution: This will grant the group Users “modify” permissions to the folder C:\Program Files\Application Folder. Explanation: The format is as follows: icacls “target folder” /grant Account:options /option where the indivudual parts represent: icacls – […]